• Women in PI Work

    There are a lot of myths about the traditional role of a private investigator and their duties. If you imagine a private investigator in your mind chances are they will be a short, burly man who carries a gun and wears a trench coat, working in the shadows. However, that’s not always true, and women are proving time and again to be perhaps better suited to the profession.

  • Women Private Investigators in Fiction and Reality

    Though men have been the archetypal detectives, fictional woman private investigators have existed way before even Sherlock Holmes was introduced in 1887. Andrew Forrester Jr. introduced Mrs Gladden, the first female detective character in 1864. If one reads Mrs Gladden’s approach to crime, one would find that Holmes is perhaps a worthy successor to her methods of deduction.

  • Stereotypes

    Whilst stereotypes are often seen as a negative presumption about someone due to their particular gender, race or religion. In PI work possibly stereotypes might be a benefit. Most people do not expect women to be PI’s, and this will help a woman be more inconspicuous and raise less suspicions when carrying out surveillance.

  • Challenges Faced By Women Private Investigators

    Whilst women might in actual fact hold an advantage over their male counterparts particularly when it comes to surveillance, they also possibly have some unique challenges they need to deal with. The biggest challenge is actually prejudice. Despite this the number of women investigators are on the rise.

  • The Advantages a Female Private Investigator

    When it comes to selecting a private investigator, we often might forget that a woman can excel as private investigators and possibly in some situations even more so than men. Even till about a decade ago only 15 per cent of private detectives in the developed nations were women, but over the past few years there has been a sea change with a number of women joining this profession.

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